Feature spotlight: Review generation landing pages

In online marketing, landing pages are where visitors land after clicking a link in an email, an ad or any other way you use to drive traffic. Landing pages are purpose-built with one goal in mind, which is known as the call-to-action (CTA). This focus makes landing pages a great way to increase conversion rates […]

Feature spotlight: Agency white label

Using Reviewshake to generate, manage, market and analyze reviews for your clients is a great way to generate value to clients and income for your agency. While some agencies offer our platform as a white glove solution where the end-client never interacts with our platform, others go the self-service route to generate passive revenue. You […]

Feature spotlight: Campaigns

We’ll all agree that generating reviews is an essential part of business these days – consumers use the number of reviews for a given business as a success and quality metric, and reviews that are older than 3 months are generally seen as outdated. Given this reality, it’s essential for business owners to consistently generate […]