Responding to online reviews: The good, the bad, the funny

Reviews are an essential point of contact between your company and your clients – and a highly trusted source of purchasing guidance for prospective customers. For optimal growth, you need an online reputation strategy that guides you as you respond, manage, and generate reviews that appear online. Responding to positive reviews Don’t ignore happy customers. […]

How to conduct an online reputation audit

Your company’s reputation is a complex mix of relationships and activities conducted by multiple departments and people in different job roles. From the quality of your product or service to PR, marketing, and everything in between, dozens of obvious and hidden touchpoints influence the way customers perceive your brand. This article can’t cover every touchpoint […]

Online reputation management: A strategic approach

Online reputation management is defined as a set of multidisciplinary activities that a company performs to establish, maintain, and repair its reputation on the internet. In the hustle and bustle of everyday business, there’s no time to think about the definition. You focus on essential tasks, fix problems, react to situations, and do whatever you […]