How online reviews can boost employer branding

When we talk about a brand’s online reputation, we ordinarily focus on how the reputation affects sales. We want consumers to think highly of our products and services so we can grow the business. There’s another way a positive online reputation can help you achieve success – by attracting the best, most qualified employees.

Six proven ways to generate positive reviews for your business

It’s easy to understand why you like to receive great write-ups at online review sites. It’s harder to understand why customers take the time to write them. Obviously, the first requirement is that they are satisfied with your service. If customers don’t like your product or service, they don’t write reviews.

How to choose white label software

White-label software lets you offer applications to your clients without the trouble and expense of developing the software yourself. The software is created by another company and you resell it under your name as your own product. Whether you purchase a yearly or monthly license for the software you resell, the principle is the same.

7 ways to include online reviews in your marketing strategy

Word of mouth is an essential part of the savvy marketer’s toolbox – and for good reason. You can sing your product’s praises all you like, but buyers are more inclined to believe praise written by your customers. That’s why online reviews are so important. Yes, they provide a valuable snapshot of how customers are […]

Sweet 16: Best brand monitoring tools

What are people saying about your brand? That’s the first and most important question in any proactive reputation management strategy. You can’t take a step forward if you don’t know where you are. That’s what brand monitoring is all about. These tools are like a finger on the market’s pulse, delivering essential information about how […]