Feature spotlight: Campaigns

We’ll all agree that generating reviews is an essential part of business these days – consumers use the number of reviews for a given business as a success and quality metric, and reviews that are older than 3 months are generally seen as outdated.

Given this reality, it’s essential for business owners to consistently generate new reviews in order to convert new potential customers that are evaluating them online. The challenge is that business owners face an abundance of competing priorities in the business, and as important as reviews may be, asking customers personally for them can feel weird.

This is where our campaigns come in – they are designed to make generating a steady flow reviews as easy as possible, with as little work as possible.

Campaigns make it extremely easy to generate reviews!

Introducing campaigns

The Reviewshake campaign feature works as a drip campaign, first sending an initial review invitation and optionally following up with reminders on a set schedule. While some business owners are apprehensive to sending reminders for fear of irritating their customers, they are a proven way of driving review conversion and customers can unsubscribe with the click of a button.

Reminders are only sent to customers that haven’t yet clicked the link to review your business, and stop once it is clicked.

When you sign up for Reviewshake, you’ll notice that we have a campaign waiting for you – this makes it easy to get started, and you can easily customize it as you wish.

Campaign settings

There are 3 steps to setting up or customizing a campaign:

Campaign timing step

We’ll ask you for the following information:

  1. Campaign name: think of something that will help you identify the campaign in future)
  2. Max invites per day: by limiting the number of invitations sent per day, you can consistently generate reviews over time
  3. From & To hours, and timezone: set the times between which you wish to send invitations, to avoid sending them in the middle of the night for your customers
  4. Send these days: pick which days you want to send your invitations

Campaign invitation step

This step will determine how your initial invitation is sent, with the following options:

  1. Delay: set how many hours we should wait to send the invitation, from the point we receive your customer information
  2. Throttling: set how many hours we should wait to send another invitation to the same customer
  3. Email: select the email template(s) and subject line(s) you want to use for the invitation
  4. SMS: select the SMS template(s) you want to use for the invitation

It’s worth noting that you can set your invitation to send an email and/or SMS for maximum flexibility – as an example, this means that you could send an email and an SMS at the same time.

Campaign reminder step

Now you’re ready to add your reminder(s) – you can add as many as you want:

  1. Hours after previous contact: how long we should wait before sending each reminder
  2. Email: select the email template(s) and subject line(s) you want to use for this reminder
  3. SMS: select the SMS template(s) you want to use for this reminder

Add customers to the campaign

Now that your campaign is setup, you’re ready to start adding your customers to it and generating reviews! We’ve made this as easy as possible for you – all we need is your customer name, email and/or phone number:

It’s that easy! Get started with Reviewshake today, and generate new reviews like never before.

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