Feature spotlight: Review generation landing pages

In online marketing, landing pages are where visitors land after clicking a link in an email, an ad or any other way you use to drive traffic. Landing pages are purpose-built with one goal in mind, which is known as the call-to-action (CTA).

This focus makes landing pages a great way to increase conversion rates – they don’t overwhelm the user but rather aim to achieve one goal, which in turn increases the likelihood of that happening. For example, instead of having 10 links on the landing page, landing pages generally just have one.

At Reviewshake we have a landing page that is purpose built for review generation, along with other tools that help you drive your customers towards this landing page. Below is one example of what your landing page could look like:

As you’d imagine, there are numerous options for these landing pages:


You have several options for determining the funnel that the end-customer will see on your landing page:

Our landing pages are compliant with review gating policies, in that they always give the customer an option to write a public review.

Review sites

When you select this option, the customer will immediately see a list of the review sites you wish to get reviewed on.


In this option, the customer must first select a thumbs up or a thumbs down – selecting the thumbs up option shows your review links, while the thumbs down option collects private feedback.


Similar to the Thumbs option, the Stars funnel asks the customer to select which star rating they would give your business. Selecting 4 or 5 stars will ask for a review on one of your public review sites, while selecting 1, 2 or 3 stars asks for private feedback.


The Faces option asks the customer to choose from a sad face, neutral face and happy face, and based on this input will either ask for private feedback or show your public review sites.

Location selection

The location selection option is great for multi-location businesses as it first asks the customer for their business location, and then transfers them to a funnel for that given location.

Review distribution

Giving customers the choice of where to write their review is a proven way to increase conversions, and this is exactly what we do here:

Select which review sites to show and order them according to importance.

One customer might have a Tripadvisor account, while another doesn’t and prefers to leave their review on Google.

Our review generation links take the customer to the specific place where they leave their review, in order to reduce the steps required and thus increase conversion.


Show off your great reviews directly on the landing page by selecting the widget option – this helps build social proof and could also lead to higher conversions from this landing page.

Custom fields

Custom fields are perfect if you want to ask your customer for more information on the private feedback form – such as which employee they interacted with or anything else that might help you resolve the issue.


Customize your landing page to fit the look and feel of your brand – from the logo and the copy to the styling of the page.

Sign up for Reviewshake and start generating reviews from your conversion optimized landing pages today!

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