Feature spotlight: Side-by-side reporting

The reality in business is that you are what you measure – and if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. As a simple example, if you don’t measure the visits to your website, how are you going to manage or even grow it?

The same rings true for online reviews, and this blog post will showcase how our side-by-side reporting makes all the difference in measuring your performance with online reviews.

For the purpose of this showcase, we’ll use the great catering company Naturally Delicious Caterers based right here in New York. Once we load their review sources into Reviewshake, we can get a good overview of how they are performing across Yelp, Facebook, Google, The Knot and WeddingWire:

Naturally Delicious is performing great!

We’ve all seen this type of reporting before, and it shows a picture of how well Naturally Delicious Caterers is performing with their reviews. As a business however, it doesn’t give you much actionable information and it’s something that most business owners would glance at and then move on to the next task.

So how do we make this reporting actionable? Businesses don’t exist in isolation, and virtually every single business has competitors. This is where our side-by-side reporting can help – simply add your competitors into Reviewshake, and then compare them in your report:

This is what the report will show you:

As a business owner, I now know that my business isn’t actually the first option across these review sites, and I know that I need to put together an action plan to beat the competition. As an agency selling to this business, I also have a much more compelling sell than merely showing the report without competitors.

These are some of the take-aways from this report:

1. Eventfull.NYC is the best overall performer

We can see that Eventfull.NYC has 133 reviews (vs 121 for Naturally Delicious) and a 5-star average rating (vs 4.9 for Naturally Delicious).

Action: Naturally Delicious should work to improve both their number of reviews as well as trying to push their average up to 5 stars.

2. Eventfull.NYC is dominating Google reviews

Eventfull.NYC has 45 5-star reviews in Google, compared to 25 from Naturally Delicious and only 9 from Red Table catering. Given that Google routinely showcases the business with best ratings higher in both their search engine and Google Maps, it’s highly likely that Eventfull.NYC will appear higher:

Action: Naturally Delicious should aim to drive more reviews to their Google profile.

3. Naturally Delicious is doing great on Yelp

Naturally Delicious has most of their reviews on Yelp, with 40 5-star reviews, compared to 39 for Red Table and just 21 from Eventfull.NYC.

Action: Naturally Delicious should work to keep up their lead on Yelp, with Red Table Catering closing in with 39 reviews vs. their 40 reviews.

Additional use cases

While this example showcased our competitor reporting, this functionality is also available to compare business locations against one another, or tracking how a location is performing compared to the business as a whole (ie. all locations).

Scheduled reports can also be setup to send this information to management on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly basis, to keep everyone informed and gaining actionable information to improve the business.

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