How Reviewshake compares to

Reviewshake offers many features with more flexibility and power, for a more competitive price. These are some of our unique benefits:

  • Review invitation campaigns with unlimited reminders and hourly delays
  • Drag/drop email template setup
  • Syncing reviews every 12 hours (as opposed to every 24)
  • Side-by-side reporting comparison of locations & competitors
  • In-depth statistics about review invitations (tracking delivery, opens, clicks etc)
  • Customer timeline of all events related to a specific customer
  • Resell white label accounts (eg. agencies) vs Reviewshake and Reviewshake both offer review management services which cover 4 main areas – review management, generation, marketing and analytics.

Beyond the benefits below, we know that pricing is an important part of the equation. This is how we compare:

  • Company: from $39/m (vs. $180/m)
  • Agency: from $199/m (vs. $400/m)

If you’re interested, have a look at our article on why review management companies charge an arm and a leg for their services, and how we’re different.

This is how we break down in each area:

Review management

Review management starts with getting all your cross-platform reviews into one dashboard, giving you an overview of all reviews in one place. You can then get notifications for those reviews, respond to them and much more.

Our key differentiator here is that we let you run multiple accounts (like agencies) white label under your own account, which for example means that you can resell our software to other agencies under your brand. This is baked in to our service and doesn’t require a hefty upgrade.

Manage multiple clients and/or locations
Resell to other agencies with white label Enterprise ($2.5k+ / m)
Monitor 85+ review sites for new reviews
Get notifications for new reviews
Respond to Facebook and Google reviews from one dashboard
White label client dashboard with your own brand and domain
User accounts for staff and/or client access
Fully fledged API for programmatic management

Review generation

Once you have synced all your reviews into one dashboard, it’s easy to start generating new reviews by simply asking your customers for them. This is where review generation comes in handy.

Our differentiating elements are offering you a timeline of events for each customer, so you can see exactly where they are in the funnel, when their review reminders are scheduled and more. In addition, you can filter customers to re-engage them based on your custom criteria.

Generate reviews on 85+ review sites
Collect reviews via optimized review generation landing pages
Segment positive and negative feedback to pre-empt negative reviews
Setup custom drip campaigns with email and text messages
Automatically remind customers who haven’t left a review
Customer timeline gives you an overview of events for each customer
Filter customers to re-engage customers who meet criteria
Personalized sender email address and templates
Provide access to simple forms for customer opt-in
Measure performance throughout the funnel with tracking
Set per-client email and text message limits
Create default campaigns to scale easily
Add customers from 1,300+ apps via Zapier (and API)

Review marketing

As your new reviews start streaming in, you’ll want to use them in your marketing to boost trust and ultimately sales conversions in online and offline transactions.

We’re on-par with when it comes to review marketing:

Automatically share positive reviews to social media
Show off your latest reviews to your website
Add a review generation snippet to your email signature
Enable SEO-friendly rich-snippet to show stars in search results
White label widgets and plugins completely

Review analytics

With a growing number of reviews, it’s important to understand how they are trending across review sites, compared to competitors and much more.

Our main differentiator with our analytics is our ability to compare a businesses’ locations (and/or competitors) within the same report – you can add up to 15 businesses to the same report which helps make it incredibly actionable.

Create aggregate and per-location reports for large businesses
Compare locations and/or competitors with side-by-side reporting
Track star rating, review count, invitations and sentiment over time
Send scheduled white label performance reports to clients
Analyze reviewer clicks, click-throughs and conversions through the review funnel
Generate custom reports by accessing data via API

If you’re ready to make the move to Reviewshake, have a look at our migration checklist, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if we can help!

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