Launching organizations

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Organizations feature, which in a nutshell makes it possible to run multiple accounts in one. Why would you do that you ask? There are a number of situations where this is useful:

  1. Our agencies currently resell our white label software to their clients, and the Organizations feature allows them to also resell our software to other agencies.
  2. A large multi-national company with multiple brands can now have a complete division of those brands within the dashboard.
  3. A reputation manager works with multiple clients, and can now see those multiple clients within the same dashboard.

Notably, each Organization runs independent from the others, and thus can have their own custom domain, white labeling, billing and more. You can manage your Organizations and switch between them from the dropdown in the top right:

We have baked this into our upcoming redesign, taking inspiration from Slack by adding a left hand menu to make it easier to see all your Organizations in one place:

The idea for this update came directly from our users, and we love hearing from you. Add your ideas to our Feedback Forum or contact our support if you have any ideas on how we can further improve.

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